12 Years On, The Veyron That Was Driven Into A Lake Is Finally Being Repaired

Back in the early days of YouTube, the above video was a viral smash hit. In it, a Bugatti Veyron was seen gently peeling off a road and splashing into a lake. It turned out to be an insurance scam, with owner Andy House claiming he was trying to avoid a low-flying pelican. Yes, really.

The 2009-shot footage proved the degree to which House’s pants were on fire, and it was reported a few years ago that he faced up to 20 years in prison, although he ended up only serving just over a year. As for the Veyron, its story only got weirder from its inglorious swimming lesson.

A dealer took advantage of the car’s clean title to secure a loan of $1 million to purchase and restore it. However, he went bankrupt, and the bank repossessed the Bugatti. Bizarrely, House was even back in the picture at one point to broker another deal. In 2019 the Veyron emerged again, listed in a disassembled state for $300,000. Entrepreneur and Cannonballer Ed Bolian was tempted to buy the Veyron, ultimately deciding it wasn’t worth the risk. As explained in his latest video, someone has since taken the plunge, and at last, the hypercar is on the road to recovery.

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